Chehad Abdallah

Die Achse 

2018 Selected Work
Designed & Directed by Chehad

"The lust of destruction is a creative force.“

Die Achse are a new genre of punk artist, formed by renowned producers Farhot and Bazzazian. To visualise the music in different kinds of media like video, live or graphics Chehad is the third member of Die Achse. 

Glossy surfaces, powdered faces, vast spaces. A perfect world, far and wide. Hate you! The conventional music video is an art form devoted to perfection, depicting past achievements, dreamed-up success and people in ecstasy. It displays something that has been existing for a long time and soon will cease to exist. The actual state as the highest of highs. In contrast, the lust for destruction is a creative force. Perfection can only be achieved through destruction, and destruction that creates new spaces is the ultimate ideal. Hate you!
This video is the logical continuation of the progressive sound at the heart of Die Achse – an installation, the beginning of a series whose end and extent are impossible to predict. Distraction leads to destruction and vice versa. Hate you!
Producers Farhot and Bazzazian have teamed up with director and Achse member Chehad Abdallah to capture an audible and visible reality that has the power to perplex. Nothing is contrived, nothing is planned, everything is left to chance. The children devour their city.
In a time where the relationship between the visual arts and truly radical performance is like that of a boxing class for businessmen to street riots against the police, this installation succeeds in making the viewer doubt its authenticity – not least because our saturated eyes are no longer used to seeing something real. But here, everything is real, to the very end. The destruction. The danger. Life. Hate. You hate us? We hate you too.

Cover Illustration

Die Achse
© 2019 Chehad Abdallah